A response to Kat George’s article: 6 Reasons Men Can Literally Never Be Victims Of Sexism

Unless you are Kat George, take time to read her article as, after all, it does include some valid points and does explain differences in the social experiences between men and women. Here is the article:


But moving on, this is a direct response that has caused a lot of disagreement and a lot of idiocy. In fact, one person had apparently told George to be “raped by dogs” which is just completely ridiculous and such things should never be said. And while I do believe that George is a well-spoken, well-written and intelligent woman, some things she says in her article just are not right.

Ground rules

These are some things that I am not arguing against, and that I agree with from George’s article:

1) Men have not experienced a large history of institutionalized sexism and social bias against them. Males are the more privileged of the sexes. This is undeniable.

2) Women have it worse off than men. Again, undeniable.

Cleared up? Good, now let’s not bring this up in detail again please, we are in agreement.

The main difference is the definition of ‘sexism’ and how one perceives sexism. The vast majority of the population of the English speaking world believes sexism to be defined as such;

  1. prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

Before the first point is even made, George addresses all white middle-class men in a patronising way, instantly making her article judgmental and slightly childish. Although this may be a response to judgmental and childish comments, stooping to that level is never a good idea, especially out of context.

The fact is, if you’re a white, straight, middle-class man, then society operates in your favor, regardless of any instances of discrimination. You always win. Congratulations, you are the lord of the genetic lottery, so give chance a giant hug for making your life so easy.” – This is a little unnecessary.

Generalizing, when it comes to gender matters, has always been a bad move and probably shall be forever onward. I’m sure the white-middle class male who has severe depression, who receives below par medical attention, who is ridiculed by his peers for not being strong or emotionally stable and who is not taken seriously by adults is not on par with a white-middle class male who has a wife, a house, a slightly above-average wage income and a fully insured car. Agreed, this is an extreme case, but it is a case nonetheless. In fact I work in a nursery and, whenever I tell people I do, I am 90% of the time met with “what you like touching kids?” or “yeah sure you do, pedo” – I doubt they would say that to women. Not complaining, not making a big deal out of it, but that is an example of everyday sexism.

We’re not trying to compete with women, we’re not saying that we want sexism to exist. Everyone has issues in their lives and everyone has hardships. Having societal issues is not a competition, but just because women’s are worse than men’s does not mean that you have to tweet something like “Men: I don’t feel sorry for you. I don’t take your arguments about sexism against men seriously. What you’re saying is not real.” – (An actual quote from George’s twitter). Equality is, surprisingly enough, about equality, and saying that you don’t take the problems of men seriously is ludicrous. If you want equality, fight for equality and recognise that there are perks and cons of both sides. Recognition is the first step to fixing a problem.

Something that I had read on Facebook that summed up the article was “I don’t like you because of your race, I’m not racist, I’m just judging you because of the colour of your skin” – that comment is racist. It’s discrimination, it’s prejudice, it’s racist, regardless of who the victim of such comments is. Sexism and racism does not need a history of occurrences to be validated. An individual case of discrimination, based upon someones sex, is prejudice, it’s discrimination, it’s sexist.

A good example of something that is validated by historical occurrences is the use of the derogatory term “nigger” and “cracker”. One is offensive, one is not, because one has been used throughout history as a derogatory term dating back to when one race was enslaved by the other. The fact that white people aren’t “allowed” to use that word is justified by me. But sexism and racism, in itself, needs no such deep insight and thought. Sexism is sexism, racism is racism, regardless of who the victim is.

Finally, the semantics of the article are contradictory. The notion that George wants to work towards a bettered society is backhanded by her own words as the article betters nothing. Belittling white-men is not progression. Excluding white-men is not progression. Making enemies of white-men is not progression. It’s harmful, it’s frustrating and it’s not positive. It’s backwards.


“Trigger Warning, Sorry” (Not Sorry)

This is just a short post because it’s a very simple concept.

When I see on tumblr (mainly) pictures of explicit self harm and the text producer says something along the lines of “Trigger warning, if you are triggered easily, do not look.” I think to myself, what is anyone gaining from seeing self-mutilation like this? 

I am not here to discuss the reasoning behind self-harm, it is a very sensitive subject, but the person who posts that photo or reblogs is nothing but idiotic. It really only promotes self-harm and is just getting attention. If you truly don’t want anyone else to self-harm then do not show it, pretend it doesn’t exist. I am not saying that it is not an issue, because it is, and it needs to be resolved out of someone’s life as quickly as possible, but sharing photo’s of such content does not help anyone, so stop.

You know the story about the sirens singing songs so beautifully that men get attracted to them at sea? Well, what if waking up in the middle of the night, scared of the thoughts of razors and blades, was a song that could only be heard by the hopeless and desperate?

A quote from an extract of my “Diaries of the Depressed” creative writing. 

The Endless Search For Racial Equality And Why It Isn’t Working

Recently, I read an article that tried to address the segregation between white and blacks in a multiracial society. For fear that too many people will read said article and back it up, I will not share it, but I will quote from it and give you the general gist.

The title itself immediately suggests that all white people are terrible and the following article is designed to teach those how to a better white person. If you can’t already see the racism oozing from this piece then I suggest you take a second look at what I just said. The article starts by quoting a recent report from a racist act, an act that resembles the actions used by the KKK at the height of their popularity, I have nothing against this and, for the point the writer is trying to make, it’s a very good start, but that is about as far as the good points get. The article then goes on to talk about how every white person oppresses every black person and how the writer wants “his people” to be able to walk down a street without being scared for their life by a white person threatening to abuse them in some manner. The writer then goes on to contradict himself by saying;

 “…categorizing me, or us, as aggressive means as much to me as the price of high grade pussy in downtown Los Angeles on any given day. So with that said:

Fuck you and fuck that shit from the bottom of my Nigger ass heart.”

So, just as he categorises the whites as aggressive towards blacks, he then gets offended for being categorised. Also, note the reference of “Nigger” – The common issue of ‘We can call each other that but you can’t call us that’ is referenced, and he then proceeds to refer to the white people as “white Niggers” which is wrong for so many reasons, least of which is the unmissable misunderstanding of how to use that address term.

Anyway, now to tackle the actual issue of racism and how to over-come it, I do realise that the first part of this piece was basically a criticism of that article but, I digress.

It has occurred to me, prior to reading this, that the attempts of too many people to over-come prejudice towards races are based on trying to out-do the oppressor. This technique will get us no-where, it will cause a higher sense of segregation.

Segregating ‘your race’ is making a division that cannot be over looked. Equality is not reached by stating the differences and trying to prove oppression, but by finding similarities and exploiting those similarities. Referencing anyone by their race (in most situations) is segregating between races, and, in extreme cases, this does actually encourage segregation.

Every now and then I’ll see a group of black people from East London protesting against the police, I’ll tell you what would really catch people’s attention and actually might cause some kind of progression other than a riot; A protest that involves more than one race. If 500 blacks and whites stormed the streets of London trying to show that the police (be it true or not, it’s only an example) are prejudice against blacks then it will be a protest of equality and not of segregation or trying to prove oppression.


Diaries of the Depressed

Okay so here is a little back story before we begin.

I’m currently doing a monologue from the play ‘4.48 Psychosis’ by Sarah Kane in my Theater Studies A-Level. One day I was pretty bored and feeling kinda creative so I decided to try and write a story with influences of Sarah Kane. I promised myself that whatever I put down I would keep, no editing, basically verbal diarrhea on a page.

This is an extract from what is now a nearly 6-page-long story.


 I felt happier without the pills, the fragments of suppression. Yeah, so what if I occasionally cried, screamed, felt shit, at least I felt something. At least I felt human. At least I felt something. At least I didn’t feel the numbing existential realisation that death is the only true release.  

It’s a weird feeling, wanting to die, wanting it to end. Being so self-aware that you’d rather you weren’t aware at all. It gets to you, it turns your insides and makes your emotions conflict. The idea of death makes you feel alive. You realise that you have the ultimate power. You realise that, on the brink, just before the fall, everyone is wrapped around your little finger. They obey to your command. Who would have thought that death could cause so much living?

Who would have thought death caused life?

Who would think about death?

What kind of fucked up person would ever even think about destroying life?

What kind of sicko is so selfish and irrational that they don’t give a fuck for anyone else’s emotions, anyone else’s feelings or lives? What makes my life more important than theirs? The people I love, they would hurt too, just like me.

I’ll tell you who would think about that.


I think about that. I think about it all the time.

We’ve all had the feeling, the feeling that we want the world to open beneath us and to drag us down to a place where no-one can hear us cry and everyone just forgets, maybe for a day or two. But imagine having that feeling 24/7. Imagine feeling that you aren’t good enough for anyone. It isn’t nice. 


So yeah, hope that wasn’t too depressing.

If Mum was always right and the world is my oyster then I must have an allergy to shellfish.

I have fallen in love with Bo Burnham recently and my god some of his lyrics are amazing. This probably isn’t his best quote but it’s hilarious and sometimes just perfectly true.

Anyone who doesn’t know who Bo Burnham is or know what he does, I highly suggest that you watch his hour long show entitled “what.” which is on YouTube.

It’s perfect.