“Trigger Warning, Sorry” (Not Sorry)

This is just a short post because it’s a very simple concept.

When I see on tumblr (mainly) pictures of explicit self harm and the text producer says something along the lines of “Trigger warning, if you are triggered easily, do not look.” I think to myself, what is anyone gaining from seeing self-mutilation like this? 

I am not here to discuss the reasoning behind self-harm, it is a very sensitive subject, but the person who posts that photo or reblogs is nothing but idiotic. It really only promotes self-harm and is just getting attention. If you truly don’t want anyone else to self-harm then do not show it, pretend it doesn’t exist. I am not saying that it is not an issue, because it is, and it needs to be resolved out of someone’s life as quickly as possible, but sharing photo’s of such content does not help anyone, so stop.


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