The Endless Search For Racial Equality And Why It Isn’t Working

Recently, I read an article that tried to address the segregation between white and blacks in a multiracial society. For fear that too many people will read said article and back it up, I will not share it, but I will quote from it and give you the general gist.

The title itself immediately suggests that all white people are terrible and the following article is designed to teach those how to a better white person. If you can’t already see the racism oozing from this piece then I suggest you take a second look at what I just said. The article starts by quoting a recent report from a racist act, an act that resembles the actions used by the KKK at the height of their popularity, I have nothing against this and, for the point the writer is trying to make, it’s a very good start, but that is about as far as the good points get. The article then goes on to talk about how every white person oppresses every black person and how the writer wants “his people” to be able to walk down a street without being scared for their life by a white person threatening to abuse them in some manner. The writer then goes on to contradict himself by saying;

 “…categorizing me, or us, as aggressive means as much to me as the price of high grade pussy in downtown Los Angeles on any given day. So with that said:

Fuck you and fuck that shit from the bottom of my Nigger ass heart.”

So, just as he categorises the whites as aggressive towards blacks, he then gets offended for being categorised. Also, note the reference of “Nigger” – The common issue of ‘We can call each other that but you can’t call us that’ is referenced, and he then proceeds to refer to the white people as “white Niggers” which is wrong for so many reasons, least of which is the unmissable misunderstanding of how to use that address term.

Anyway, now to tackle the actual issue of racism and how to over-come it, I do realise that the first part of this piece was basically a criticism of that article but, I digress.

It has occurred to me, prior to reading this, that the attempts of too many people to over-come prejudice towards races are based on trying to out-do the oppressor. This technique will get us no-where, it will cause a higher sense of segregation.

Segregating ‘your race’ is making a division that cannot be over looked. Equality is not reached by stating the differences and trying to prove oppression, but by finding similarities and exploiting those similarities. Referencing anyone by their race (in most situations) is segregating between races, and, in extreme cases, this does actually encourage segregation.

Every now and then I’ll see a group of black people from East London protesting against the police, I’ll tell you what would really catch people’s attention and actually might cause some kind of progression other than a riot; A protest that involves more than one race. If 500 blacks and whites stormed the streets of London trying to show that the police (be it true or not, it’s only an example) are prejudice against blacks then it will be a protest of equality and not of segregation or trying to prove oppression.




  1. I agree, we are all racist to a certain extent, but I wouldn’t classify that as “racist” – but more of just a natural instinct.
    If a a certain race is raised around an entirely mono-racial community then they are surely going to be sceptical when then come across someone of a different race, and whether we like to admit it or not, 90% of people are raised up around the same race as them, doesn’t make them racist, just not in their “comfort zone”.
    But yes, we are all, by definition, a little bit racist.

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